Friday, 19 September 2008

God its been a long week. I am home on a friday too knackered to go out and realising that I am too busy working to have a life.
The week ended well. Three teachers were assaulted by pupils in 24 hrs.  It began on Thursday, when a student punched a six foot female Brazilian PE teacher in the stomach. This morning, the sister of a year 7, sneaked into the school to beat up some kid and pushed a teacher into the classroom in the process. Then by 10.45am, as I was in an assembly about 'harmony and accepting differences,' I noticed a girl scampering up some stairs.
 Then I saw a tall high heeled black woman striding through reception, followed hastily the Head and a few other teachers. I instantly knew something was seriously kicking off.
 I thought, 'ooh praps it's a mum come in to give her daughter a good slap. Sometimes this happens. Teacher's have to take the softly softly reasonable approach to discipline, and I'm a bit ashamed to admit it that I get a certain sense of moral justice when I know that the parent doesn't give a damn about this PC stuff and gives a well earned whacking. Earlier in the year, a parent who found out her daughter had been lying and stealing from other kids clothes in the changing room, came into the school, ( her teef daughter had also told her she didn't have any dinner money and should come up the school to give her some) but when the parent got there, it all gloriously back-fired on her when her mum was told about her daughter crimes. The mother ran across the sports hall, took off her shoe and began giving her daughter a beating in front of the other girls, screaming 'dont you shame me'. ( imagine this in a strong Jamaican accent) Obviously the PE teacher was duty bound to stop the mother, as it becomes a 'child protection' incident, and of course, she did... eventually.
ANYWAY, it was my lovely maths teacher friend. She'd taken a piece of paper away from some girl the day before for some good reason, and so the girl took the teacher's mobile and refused to give it back. She got a temporary exclusion. ( She had been permanently excluded only the term before????) She then decided to come up the school the next day and beat up the teacher ( slightly spookily pre-meditated). She got into the classroom and began her assault. I saw kids being sent out the classroom and other teachers, plus the school caretaker fly in. Later a large burly Maths teacher told me  that everytime he tried to prise the girl's finger away from a large clump of Miss Maths hair and scalp, her fingers snapped back on again. The she gave my friends a thump, before finally being calmed down by her mother.

Only to be followed by.....  a  fight in the afternoon that had to be broken up and one girl locked in the library for safety. The other pupil couldn't be dragged away and began a stake out. Eventually the police had to be called. She refused to stop texting (probably to her older gang lord brother per chance, and i'm not joking) She was finally escorted off the premises having been pinned down and handcuffed by the police. She was heard to be screaming and spitting a them and calling them dickheads. I guess she had stopped texting by this point. A fellow teacher got a pic of it on his phone. It'll certainly be a screen saver on my mobile shortly. The joke is, she had also been permanently excluded last term, but the admin at the school cant get their paper work done and handed in properly and so the parents won an appeal at the local education authority on a technicality and she had to be let back in. 

Last night I had to stay for an open evening for prospective pupils. All these people tuned up with their cute little primary kids, looking for a nice school to place their cherubs. It was my role to sell my department. I felt a shallow fraud, encouraging them, knowing what I know. Wierdly, someone I knew 20 years ago had come with her daughter to view. I couldn't help my self but say to her quietly,  ' take my number' ill give you the low down.