Monday, 13 October 2008

sorry if i cant blog that often. I'm basically too tired or planning lessons.

OK, more news from the front. I think I forgot to say that my school is being closed next year... well this is what is proposed to happen... but local council are still in 'consultation'. They want to merge the school with others and flog 'em off  to Academys. It saves them a lot of money and hassle. I didn't really get the whole Academy' thing until now and its pretty sick that it exists under a Labour Government. But then thats the con, there is no labour.

Our local council has also put a cap on the amount of exclusions you can have per year. Ours is seven. Any more then you are financially punished  12.5 grand plus the 4 grand you are given per year per child. So you have to keep the nutters or lose a teacher or two. Academys don't have a quota or a cap so of course they can  shed the rest.  Nor do they have to have a board of govenors to answer to that is made up of parents. They can put their own in place. They are pretty much outside the jurisdiction of the local council. Nor do many of them recognise the teaching unions and don't have to. Thanks Labour. Ok so the tories created this, but why havn't Labour used their massive power to rid us of this nonsense.

Plus, the local council questions the school way before they even et to their magic 7. I don't think my school excluded 7 last year.

But as the gov't has a legal mandate to educate every child,  thus the normal local school ( also known as a community school) has to take up the slack and thus become crapper.  I read last year that one academy shed 25% of its kids. Eventually when every school in the borough is an academy, the kids will be forced to go into the next borough to be educated and then that borough will go ' academy' too, just to not become a bin. 

So many of these kids have serious emotional problems and there is a minimal service to back them psychologically. So many of them badly need a shrink. 

Oh and did I mention I also got pushed the other week. she got excluded for five days. I had her back in my class  because other staff were out or sick and there was nowhere to put  her. I tried to talk to her before the class but she refused and was rude, let alone saying sorry. She did mention that she would lie to blow up the room with me in it. I eventually has enough and asked her t go into another class but she ignored me and walked off shouting at me to shut up. After that I decided that I would not have her back in my class no way. Last Friday she thumped another teacher. She is being excluded for 5 days again.