Thursday, 11 November 2010

The battle lines are drawn when some people think they are born to RULE.

It is Armistice Day. So what dies an ex-pat like me do on a day like this. Well, in my case- marking...or spend the day on the net face booking and looking up my latest health prob. I have an ability to research the hell out of my physical worries. My latest is a "am I doing the right thing with the concoction of drugs my endocrinologist have prescribed me" - when in fact I should be doing my French course homework and knowing exactly when to use leur and Les and Y and en.

I have also had a "Face book moment." A sixth form college friend found me and requested friendship. I accepted and read her message in which she stated : You're not going to like this but I have been helping Zac Goldsmith-( a stinking rich young man- win a parliamentary seat. ) with his election campaign. Ew! Just how rabid Tory is she/he?

I already knew that he was strong on the environmental issue but I also needed to know what his other political views were before I proceeded further with our Facebook "friendship".

Before I make a judgement, I decided to read ZG's home page. He's fairly palatable- yet I know how these privileged people "don't' think. They have an averagely narrow width of life experience.
They have travelled a lot and so feel they know how the world works. They have far more interest in the poor in Africa but actually little interest in the poor around the corner. (Who does? But then I'm not arrogant enough to think I should be running the show.) Zac clearly doesn't need to work for the next 20 generations. He has so much wealth so he is filling his time with politics. I would prefer that people like him stick to philanthropy. I also sneakingly think my old " friend" who helped him with his campaign this year is also scrabbling around for something to do.

I note the photos on her page showed her and family in the USA for a hol and not Frinton on Sea. Hmm to no environmental contradiction there then unless of course, they paddled there in a coracle.

In the meantime the UK is kicking off against the Tories and there are some lovely juicy anti-Tory cuts links to be pasted and shared on ones own page. I did so.

Two days later- I get an indignant private message " So whatever happened to friendship? Did you leave that behind at Stratford?" I return this message telling her that I was checking out ZG's policies etc and the next moment it appears I have been blocked by her. She has also blocked another old "friend" who puts anti-tory links on her own page too.

I am quite amazed that she should get so upset. Are we supposed to be Tory's aswell or simply try not outspoken against their policies and cuts to gain her friendship? I feel a bit hurt, but then how far was this friendship really going to develop. Visiting her would quickly make us both feel awkward.