Monday, 18 July 2011

I've finally moved on... I packed up my bags and hauled out. This was followed by several consecutive nights of dreams in which I was begging my boss for my job back.
Every dream was accompanied by a sense of humiliation and desperation.

Jeez Louise- I'm more worried than I imagined.

However after that, I had a dream that I was interviewing for a fab job and I got it. So my subconcious must have worked something out in the end.

In fact, I'm so glad to leave the town, i no longer see her as a beautiful woman with no conversation but simply a frigid old spinster of a town. It certainly seemed determined to turn me into one.

I went to see a friend in Montpellier. A town that I have always felt good in. I got another wonderful Covoiturage lift there and the thing that struck me were posters of music concerts everywhere. I realised that this was a rarity to see in Lyon. an indication of the non-groove of the place.

We went tot he Worldwide Festival in Sete. Excellent beach party though the best Dj was RKK- a middle aged fat French bloke who started his turn saying "it isnt about age or beauty- its about the music" and he proved that mny times over. The next day I was hunting him down on the net and then went onto discover DJ Dolores- a very talented Brasilian bloke.