Monday, 15 November 2010

I love France and everything it does and says is completely right..I am a good Epsilon.Honest.

I think I should give myself a thousand lines writing the above.

Hey ho! I'm in trouble at work again. I put an interesting article on the staff room wall. It was an interview with Peter Gumbel, Europe editor for Fortune magazine and a lecturer who has written a book in French about his views on the French eduction system; "They Shoot Schoolchildren, Don't They? It is critical of how they mark children and says it has a detrimental effect on their learning. This is countered by Guillame Delmas, the national secretary of union Snes. As we are all in the education industry and in a place where teacher come from different disciplines of teaching - I thought it was an article that could spark some interesting debate.
It did spark something - it wasn't debate- it was total hatred of any outsider daring to criticise France in any possible way. It was taken as a personal attack by a particular teacher and thus I was attacked. I was then summoned to attend a meeting with The Delegation ( of course I didn't attend the Kangaroo court).
BBC Radio 7 are serialising Brave New World. I feel like the character of Savage, in which I need to choose between conformity and death to survive my working environment.