Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

Life finally feels like it is shifting a tiny imperceptible bit. Last night I had a play read through with an English Theatre company here and we are planning on putting on a few short pieces in a pub in Lyon. I'm excited as it feels I have been stuck in boring old teacher mode for ages. I was starting to wonder if in fact I would never be anything else, and my days of artistry were over.

This summer, as musician "friend" of mine.. said:" So you decided to give u performing then?" I was gutted but pride made me snap back; " No, I'm just exploring a different project which is living in France at the moment. I will perform again." He looked sulky. His comment was designed to sting. Ding Ding Round One-- to me.

Also my incredibly competitive sister, who has been having some marvellous personal success this year... smirked triumphantly: ' oh, you seems to have ..... disappeared'.

Aside from them being arseholes... it just shows you in reality how much teaching sucks you into its world. My life at the moment is bearable because I am working part-time and it is less demanding of me as a teacher in some ways than the UK system- which just wants blood.
Now I can do a tap class and a French class in the evening and even think about being involved a small bit of theatre. I don't become obsessed with some kid's attitude/performance all day and evening and have bugger all else to talk about.

Oooh, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

other expat nutters

and I thought I was negative about France! A lovely couple I met in the pub last night ( a Irish themed pub... which if Disney were to do pubs, this would be it.) told me that they couldn't get a full night' s sleep as the bin men would drag the bins down flights of steps every single morning at 5.30 am only to be followed by screaming teenagers at 8.am from the Lycee opposite hanging out in front f their front door.

She said: I went across the road to the director and complained and when he said that the forecourt area outside our apartment was public property, I said DO... YOU ... WANT.. ME TO PUNISH... YOUR... STUDENTS .. INSTEAD... DO YOU?

Her green eyes bulged with every word.

She continued: DO...YOU?

I imagined that the director was probably pushing a button underneath his desk by now.

BECAUSE I WILL..... YES I WILL.....and then went into a serial killer description of what she would do to them.

"hmm... but I bet these kids were polite to you when you went past them in the morning... i offered.

"YES THEY WERE.... she said darkly.

I have made a mental note that she is mad, and perhaps I shouldnt have been so hasty in offering my flat a a venue for the womens' networking meeting. My other friend made a move to get her bus.

" Are you sure you're going to be allright left with these two" she whispered.

"Yeah" i said.. basing it on the fact that i've already met so many nutters in my life that one set more wont make much difference.