Thursday, 15 August 2013

dontcha just love these new-agey epithets? Somebody might have mentioned this beforehand. You'd think!!!

Oh yes I did!!!
I travelled across the Atlantic ocean to rejoin "him" and after months of phone calls and emails and... he dumped me.

So after returning from France, I got an acting job with a theatre company. In the break between tours I went to Brasil to pursue my idea of teaching in Rio. There, I met a nice middle aged English bloke at the start of his year's travel ( having been made redundant by Barclays banks financial muck ups.) We had a fling and fell in love. I returned to Europe and we continued our romance using all the new technology. I checked it all out. He wanted the same things as me... ( yup, a relationship!! didnt want kids - thank god as i cant manufacture them)... he wanted me to come and join him!!!! Quote. I can't wait to get to know you more deeply and make our romance a tangible reality - End Quote. (it's on a email somewhere. I have proof)

and when i got here, he couldn't wait... to get rid of me.

I saw his face stiffen as I tottered out of the arrivals lounge in Lima Airport (that's Peru to you).. having slapped makeup on my long haul flight knackered face, wearing my stocking and heels and clutching  two expensive bottles of  champagne that I grabbed from the Paris duty free and nearly missed the flight.

I was terrified of how it would be on our first night after 5 months of anticipation. A mate said: take booze, get drunk. But we didn't have a terribly passionate reunion, not that night or for weeks. And thats how it continued.

Ten months and 5 countries later he walked out on me in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and never contacted me again. I sure can pick 'em.

My mum says if a man isn't married by the time he's forty... there's something wrong with him. Mmm, I wonder what she thinks about me but is too related to say.