Sunday, 19 June 2011

Not enough c*ck to go round.

I read a recent newspaper article about many countries promoting the abortion of female foetuses. There is concern over womens rights ;the increase of female trafficking and prostitution.

But the concern is really over how this impacts on men who later need wives and cant get one.

As a feminist type woman, I am supposed to be outraged. My pragmatic nature is not.

The statistics can be apparently bad as 115 men to 100 women. (who for?) However, this doesn't factor in the gay statistic which according to my gay friends is 1 in 10. Actually, most of my gay friends say it is 4in 10 but thats just their pro-gay viewpoint.

So in a world where approx 10% of men are Gay, is this not just redressing the balance? doesn;t it just give the girls a chance of a proper life? A life with no man, no kids, no family, makes existence an academic exercise.

Once I would have been outraged. Now I just think " hey aborting us before birth?- jeez lousise -they are doing us a favour".

Do all these female foetus's have to live - just so men can have the choice and make their lives easier?